Grow your brand at Westfield.

Whether you’re launching a new product, trying to gain share or want to influence the path-to-purchase decision, Westfield has a range of physical retail and media solutions including our 100% digital, large format, full motion video, SuperScreen Network to deliver your brand at scale.

The Westfield environment is reliable, consistently delivering a highly engaged and valuable audience at scale.
Last year in Australia, 7.4 million unique customer visits were made. These customers visit on average six times per month for approximately 81 mins each time. In New Zealand, almost 40m customer visits were made across four centres nationally.
Customers look to Westfield for inspiration; they are open to new things and look to be entertained providing brands an opportunity reach, engage, influence and convert the Westfield shopper in a safe, consistent environment.
Contact us to find out how your brand can be seen and grow at Westfield.

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