Scentre Group was created on 30 June 2014 through the merger of Westfield Retail Trust and Westfield Group’s Australian and New Zealand management business. It combined the property interests of each of Westfield Retail Trust and Westfield Group in Australia and New Zealand and includes the industry leading operating platform with retail real estate assets under management valued at $45.7 billion and shopping centre ownership interests valued at $32.3 billion.

Scentre Group manages, develops and has an ownership interest in Westfield branded shopping centres in Australia and New Zealand. The shopping centres are highly productive, with strong franchise value and the ability to attract the world’s leading retail brands. They are an essential part of the community’s social and economic fabric. In 2016, over 525 million customers visited a Westfield shopping centre, spending in excess of $22 billion.

Scentre Group’s strategy is to own interests in the highest quality regional shopping centres in its markets and to invest in these assets through redevelopment opportunities, ensuring that the Group's shopping centres enrich communities by providing extraordinary retail spaces.

Many shopping centres in the portfolio are owned in partnership with leading property investment institutions.

Scentre Group also works with the world’s leading retail and luxury brands to create a unique shopping and leisure experience. Scentre Group manages every aspect of its portfolio - from design, construction and development to leasing, management and marketing – ensuring that its centres constantly meet the highest expectations of today’s retailers and consumers.

  • 39 CENTRES
  • 11,545 Retail Outlets
  • 525m VISITS

Global Lettable Area

  • Australia93%
  • New Zealand7%

Assets Under Management

  • Australia95%
  • New Zealand5%

SCG Interests

  • Australia96%
  • New Zealand4%
Australia New Zealand Total 1,2,3
10,714retail outlets831retail outlets11,545retail outlets
3.4GLA (m sqm)0.2GLA (m sqm)3.6GLA (m sqm)
$31.1SCENTRE GROUP Interests (bn)NZ$1.2SCENTRE GROUP Interests (bn)$32.3SCENTRE GROUP Interests (bn)
$12.3JV partner interests (bn)NZ$1.1JV partner interests (bn)$13.4JV partner interests (bn)
$43.4assets under management (bn)NZ$2.3assets under management (bn)$45.7assets under management (bn)
72%SCENTRE GROUP share of aum54%SCENTRE GROUP share of aum71%SCENTRE GROUP share of aum