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Media Announcements

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    15 DEC 2020

    Scentre Group moves into leadership band with improved 2020 CDP score


    Scentre Group has been recognised for its progress in environmental stewardship and disclosure by improving its 2020 CDP score to an A-, moving into the leadership band of the survey. The score recognises the Group’s climate-risk management approaches are consistent with current best practice.

    The global and Oceania average scores were ‘C’.

    Key success drivers in elevating the Group’s score include progress in Energy Efficiency, Emissions Reduction Initiatives and Value Chain Engagement.

    “Leading with a responsible business mindset goes hand-in-hand with our objective to deliver long-term sustainable returns for our securityholders and our strategy to create the places more people choose to come, more often for longer,” said Scentre Group’s Director of Design and Construction, Ian Irving.

    “Scentre Group continues to evolve our approach, consistent with our Sustainable Business Framework which includes our people, community, environmental impact and economic performance. In February this year we announced our commitment to Net Zero Emissions by 2030 across our wholly-owned portfolio.  In addition to this, in August we publicly pledged our commitment to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). 

    “Our roadmap to achieve Net Zero Emissions includes a number of short, medium and long-term strategies that complement and build on each other. Our primary focus is on optimising the energy efficiency of our assets (so we use less energy) and supporting this with sourcing of renewable energy.

    “Our improved CDP score comes as encouraging news for our Westfield Living Centre asset teams as we maintain our momentum on key initiatives into 2021.”

    For more information about Scentre Group’s environmental impact and performance, please refer to The Group’s 2019 Responsible Business Report.

    The Group’s 2020 Responsible Business Report will be released at the end of Q1 2021.



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