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12 Aug 2019

Engaging, celebrating and contributing to our communities #Community

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As social hubs where people come together to connect, learn and exchange ideas, relax, socialise and build relationships, each of our 41 Westfield living centres plays an integral role in the lives of our customers and broader communities.
Our engagement with the communities we serve is fundamental to our success and contributes to strengthening social wellbeing and cohesion.
All of our living centres across Australia and New Zealand have a dedicated, unique Community Plan that outlines how each centre management team engages with, celebrates and contributes to their local community. These community plans seek to discover and highlight what is most relevant and meaningful in their respective community.

Initiatives to bring these strategic plans to life include everything from cultural activations in-centre and providing physical and digital space to raise awareness of important issues, to operational activities that address local social issues and bespoke employee training to ensure positive experiences for our community and customers. During 2019, we will execute almost 250 community initiatives and over 400 cultural celebrations as part of our community plans.
We also work very closely with police, emergency services and other local and state authorities to ensure the wellbeing of our customers, retail partners and employees, and to collaboratively address emerging social issues.

We regularly review the outcomes of each community plan and measure the impact on the our community, customers, employees and broader business so we can continuously improve the work we do.