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31 Mar 2019

Partnering with innovative waste providers #Environment

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With a portfolio of 41 living centres across Australia and New Zealand, reducing our environmental impact is part of our commitment to being a responsible business. It’s also smart business.

Annually, we produce around 49,595 tonnes of general waste, 27,399 tonnes of recycled waste and 10,000 tonnes of organic waste. Only four waste contractors are of sufficient scale and financial backing to service Scentre Group’s waste collection and recycling needs.

In additional to wanting to adopt a responsible, sustainable business approach to waste, the cost of disposing waste to landfill has and is predicted to continue to increase. 

When Scentre Group’s waste contract came up for renewal in July 2018, we took the opportunity to do things differently. We sought partners who would work with us to engage proactively with our retail partners, influencing behavioural change through tenant training programs and make technologies available to help our retail partners separate their waste correctly. 

We have partnered with two providers across the portfolio. some of the benefits include new technologies, new compactors and updated loading docks. Our compactors have technology to advise us when bins need to be removed, instead of set collection times regardless of whether bins were full. This technology decreases fuel emissions by reducing the number of site visits from trucks.