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31 Mar 2019

Resilience through innovation #Economic Performance

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Digital technologies are transforming the retail landscape, influencing the way our customers consume products and experiences and how our retail partners do business. Learning to leverage new technology, staying at the forefront of the digital revolution and driving innovation is critical for Scentre Group’s continued success.

In 2018, we partnered with human centred design firms, entrepreneurs, start-ups and venture capital investors to work through our innovation program, Ad Astra (meaning 'to the stars'). Our brief was to design new business ventures, leveraging our core business, to drive innovation and future growth.

We invited applications from the business and selected a team of our five most innovative and creative thinkers to join us on a 14-week innovation sprint. They were tasked with creating potential new technology ventures for our senior leaders to consider launching.

The Venture Board then approved some ventures to move forward for investment and incubation. 

The sprint was built around three phases; survey, proposals and final concept, each with a presentation to the Venture Board, comprising senior Scentre Group and external partner executives.

We plan to hold more innovation and design sprints with our people, and progress ideas from internal hackathons with our Technology team.