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18 Jul 2019

Supporting our working parents and carers

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We want our people to bring their whole selves to work and support them manage their busy lives as well as deliver extraordinary results and excel in their chosen career with us.

Our Keep in Touch program and Parents Connect forums are designed to support our working parents and carers balance work and family demands by openly talking about the sometimes competing demands on our time and providing them with the tools and resources they need.
Keeping in Touch
We offer parental leave and have a specific Keep in Touch program designed to ensure the transition to parental leave and back to work again is as smooth and stress-free as possible. We liken our approach to maintaining an open conversation because it is different for each individual and is rarely a simple process that starts and stops.
Part of our Keep in Touch program includes our New Parents Lunches. All parents on parental leave – and their gorgeous children – are invited to lunch hosted by Peter Allen, our CEO. These lunches provide an opportunity for Peter to share what’s been happening in the business as well as for our parents to tell us about their experiences of parental leave, so we remain connected.
Ongoing support – our Parents Connect
While parental leave is an important aspect of supporting parents, one of the core features of our support program is that it is designed for parents and carers of children of any age and is ongoing – because the job of parenting never ends.
We host bi-monthly forums offering our parents and carers an opportunity to network, listen and learn from others.
We provide information about the full spectrum of support available, including buddy programs, toolkits, parents@work coaching and our flexible work policy, so they can make the most of it should they need to – recognising that it’s a journey and needs change over time.
Each forum also focuses on a specific topic with expert speakers joining us. Recent forums have covered topics such as:

1. Parents as Leaders
2. CPR for Kids
3. Explore your work life dream
4. Want your kids to eat veggies? Family Nutrition
5. Parental Leave Equality – the important role dad plays