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31 Mar 2019

Westfield North Lakes Youth engagement leads to positive relationships #Community

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Our engagement with youth at Westfield North Lakes demonstrates our purpose of creating extraordinary places, enriching and connecting communities.

In 2018, our Westfield North Lakes team partnered with YMCA’s The Space program to provide opportunities to connect with disengaged youth in the local area. 

The Space runs a monthly community BBQ, aimed at helping local youth connect with youth workers and role models in a safe, informal and relaxed environment. Providing such an environment helps to establish more respectful and positive relationships, promoting opportunities for the youth and positive behaviour.

Our North Lakes team actively supports The Space, with around four people from concierge and security attending each BBQ to actively engage with the young people. They also host basketball competitions for the youth.

The North Lakes team retrieves coins monthly that have been tossed into the centre ponds by community members. Towards the end of 2018, the team donated the monthly collection of coins to support the Year 12 students’ school formal. Staff also donated gowns and shoes, and Myer partnered to provide a make-up service in store for graduating girls.

"Local youth are more connected to our centre team"

Our centre team have established a strong rapport with many local youth, which has helped foster positive relationships and behaviour.