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11 Nov 2021

Westfield Tuggerah installs sensory wall #Community

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Westfield Tuggerah has installed a permanent sensory wall to create a sensory-friendly and welcoming Living Centre environment for their local community.

Megan Jessop, Concierge Westfield Tuggerah, said: “Sensory walls give tactile, visual and auditory sensory input and are an invitation for people who live with these sensitivities to explore, discover and enjoy their sensory preferences.


“Introducing a sensory wall alongside our existing inclusion programs of Quiet Time, sensory headphones hire and dementia friendly amenities, makes our Living Centre that much more accessible, comfortable and enjoyable for people who live sensory sensitivities.

“This initiative supports our ambition to become essential to people, communities and the businesses that interact with them.

“A father with an eight-year autistic son walked past the opening ceremony and stopped to thank us for the space, explaining the challenges of visiting a shopping centre for his family. It was special to have that immediate community feedback.

“Inclusion has many dimensions and this is just one of the ways Westfield Tuggerah aspires to be our community’s third place after home and work, their first-choice destination and we will deliver our purpose: creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities.”