Brodgen asked to withdraw false bridery allegation

02 September 2004

Countries: Australia

The Westfield Group today said legal action would be taken against the NSW Leader of the Opposition if he did not immediately withdraw his claim:
Bob Carr is a Judas to the people of Western Sydney. Hehas taken his thirty pieces of silver from Westfield and theyget a good deal. Westfields legal advisers are writing to Mr Brogden today calling on him to publicly withdraw these inflammatory, offensive and defamatory remarks made at a press conference at Orange Grove Road last week. If Mr Brogden does not meet this request, legal action will be commenced against him for defamation. The company would prefer not to take defamation action, against the leader of a major political party but Mr Brogdens statement cannot go unchallenged. However on Friday Westfield issued a media statement calling on Mr Brogden to withdraw the remark. He has failed to do so, and as recently as today made similar remarks under Parliamentary privilege. Westfield said We are left with little option but to proceed given the serious nature of the allegation and the injury to reputation that these remarks cause. Westfield has major Australian and overseas business operations and the damage to its international reputation is likely to be very substantial. The company said Mr Brogden has gone beyond the bounds of reasonable political behaviour by attacking Westfield. He has accused this company of paying a bribe to the Premier of NSW. He knows this is not true, and he should immediately withdraw it. It is a shocking statement and an unworthy one from a person who aspires to be Premier of NSW.