Westfield gift for retailers

12 January 1998

Countries: Australia

As part of an on going effort to help boost the skills ofAustralian retailers, Westfield will give each retailer in aWestfield Shoppingtown a book for Christmas called Make More Moneyfrom Every Sale.

The book was commissioned by Westfield and written by ColinPearce, a regular speaker at Westfield’s Retail Skills Seminars. Itis a new development in Westfield’s unique approach to retailereducation.

Westfield’s Director of Retail Relations and Human ResourcesGraeme Maher said today Westfield had long recognised theimportance of helping to build stronger skills among retailers,particularly independent operators without the training resourcesof the major chains.

“Westfield is being proactive in providing training anddevelopment opportunities for our retailers,” Mr Maher said.

“A lot of people have romantic ideas about opening up a shop andthen sitting back while the money just pours in.

“But retail is a very complex business. It involves financialskills, organisational skills, negotiating skills, people skillsand a real sensitivity to customer needs.

“Westfield is committed to helping retailers hone those skillsand we have a major program in place that includes seminars, amajor study tour to the US and one-on-one consultancyservices.”

Colin Pearce, author of Make More Money From Every Sale, said hewanted people to use the book as a skills manual.

“There are literally hundreds of ideas for boosting sales in thebook,” Mr Pearce said. “And I want retailers to really absorb them,to underline bits and scribble in the book and read sections aloudto their staff.

“Retailing is a very hands on business so retail education hasto be practical, instantly useable and regularly updated asconsumer needs shift and tastes and trends change.”

Make More Money From Every Sale is the first in a series ofpublications planned for release by Westfield over the next fewyears.

How to Make More Money From Every Sale will be officiallylaunched by Westfield Chairman Frank Lowy at the National Awardsfor Retail Excellence in Sydney tonight.