Westfield lodges stage 2 development application for Sydney CBD

29 June 2007

Countries: Australia

The Westfield Group today lodged a Stage 2 Development Application (DA) with the City of Sydney for the redevelopment of its Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade and Skygarden properties in Sydneys CBD.

The $600 million project proposes to integrate the three existing centres to give Sydney a world-class retail destination and office precinct showcasing the best in local and international retailers in the heart of the city. The commercial component will provide a contemporary office environment with a range of services and requirements for the workforce in and around the precinct.

On completion the new 6-level retail centre will have around 50 more stores bringing the total to about 300. The plan also includes a 27-storey office tower that sits above the retail and features the latest in commercial design.

As with other recent CBD projects for Westfield around the world in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London, this redevelopment has a strong focus on high quality design and finishes.

Todays application follows the Stage 1 approval granted in 2006, and includes more detail on the construction management plan, fully developed concept designs for the external appearance of the complex following the completion of a design competition and the latest in environmentally sustainable design practice.

The construction management plan is designed to minimise the projects impact on the city over the estimated 3-year construction period, and includes provision for traffic management, pedestrian flows in and around site and dust and noise control.

The design competition was held after Stage 1 approval, and a panel with representatives from the City of Sydney and Westfield selected John Wardle Architects as the winning concept designers. These concept designs have been incorporated into the Stage 2 application and relate to the facades of the retail centre, the 100 Market St offices and the new commercial tower.

The commercial tower will have a unique sky lobby with direct access to Castlereagh St, complete with meeting space, cafes and restaurants and direct links to the retail space below. The lobby, which sits directly above the retail centre, also has the potential to connect directly with the 100 Market St and Skygarden offices.

Both the commercial tower and the retail centre will be designed to reflect Australian excellence in environmental design, with the office space to be 5-Star Green-Star and 5-Star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating, and following the recent adoption of industry standards for retail, 5-Star Green-Star for the retail centre.

Westfield will continue its program of briefings and consultations with retailers, surrounding businesses and other interested parties in addition to the City of Sydneys formal advertising process.

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Westfield Group

The Westfield Group (ASX: WDC), with a market capitalisation of approximately $36 billion, is the 6th largest entity member of the Australian Securities Exchange/S&P 200 Index. Operating on a global platform, the Group is an internally managed, vertically integrated shopping centre group, undertaking ownership, development, design, construction, funds and asset management, property management, leasing and marketing employing in excess of 4,000 staff worldwide. The Westfield Group has interests in an investment portfolio of 121 shopping centres valued in excess of A$60 billion located in Australia, the United States, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.



Westfield Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade, Skygarden


Pitt St Mall, Market St, Castlereagh St, Sydney


Westfield Group

Total project cost

approximately $600 million

Current retail area

31,620 sqm

Redeveloped retail area

38,720 sqm

(additional 7,100 sqm)

Retailers (pre-development)


Retailers (post-development)

300 (approximately)

Carparking (pre-redevelopment)


Car parking (post-redevelopment)

188 – substantially less than permitted under planning scheme

(additional 123)

Key features

  • integration of Centrepoint, Imperial Arcade and Skygarden
  • delivery vehicles removed from Pitt St Mall
  • 27-storey office tower
  • focus on world-class design
  • detailed construction management plan designed to reduce disruption
  • Australian excellence in environmentally sustainable design

Construction schedule

staged over 3 years

New jobs created

3,000 construction

360 retail

1,920 office


5,285 total