Westfield receives outline planning consent for first U.K. redevelopment

31 July 2002

Countries: United Kingdom

Derby City Council has resolved to grant outline planningconsent for Westfield’s application for a 200 million ($A580million) redevelopment of the Eagle Centre, at Derby, in the UnitedKingdom.

In line with normal practice, members of Derby City Council’splanning control committee agreed to refer the Westfieldapplication to the UK Secretary of State, recommending thatplanning permission be granted.

“Westfield has operated the centre for just under two years andsince then has been working closely with the authorities on ourapplication and we are delighted to receive approval in this timeframe,” said Westfield Managing Director Steven Lowy.

Westfield has also lodged planning applications for theredevelopment and expansion of four other shopping centres in theUK at Nottingham, Guildford, Swindon and Belfast.

“This outline planning consent for Eagle Centre is a first, butsignificant, step in achieving our redevelopment objectives.”

The extension and redevelopment of the existing centre will adda flagship department store and over 150 shops and restaurants. Oncompletion, the Eagle Centre will have increased from 25,500 squaremetres to more than 83,500 square metres.

The Eagle Centre is owned by a joint venture between WestfieldHoldings and MEPC, one of the UK’s leading property companies.