Trust Westfield at Christmas - the experts in retail and the biggest moment of the year

Christmas is one of the most certain moments on the retail calendar.

In 2020, retail delivered the biggest Christmas on record; a saving grace for retailers after one of the toughest years in recent history.1  

What else is certain, is that Westfield is the home of Christmas, which is why we call the November to December period, ‘The Season for Westfield’. 

For our customers, it’s the festivity – those long-loved traditions like Santa Photography and decorations, as well as the new additions, like Santa Pet Photography and Augmented Reality Reindeer hunts, that they look forward to at Westfield every year. In fact, 8 out of 10 customers choose Westfield at Christmas.2

For brands, retailers and marketers it’s the most important time of the year to capture a share of the Christmas wallet or to make the most of the increased audiences who are planning, shopping and seeking inspiration for their Christmas feasts, seasonal fashion, the perfect gift for loved ones, or increasingly – themselves! 

Westfield living centres deliver all year round, with five times more customers and five times more spend, per centre, than any other retail network in Australia.3

During November and December this increases again, ensuring that Westfield is the only place your brand needs to be to be seen, bought and loved this Christmas.

Bookings in 2021 are pacing ahead of 2019, so contact your BrandSpace representative now to secure your place in the biggest moment on the retail calendar.

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2. Scentre Group Westfield IQ – Christmas Behaviours Study 2020 sample 2778. 
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