Our strategy


Our Purpose

Creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities

Our Plan

We will create the places more people choose to come, more often, for longer

Our Strategy

  • Customers

    We will be customer obsessed, delivering extraordinary experiences, every day

  • Retail & Brand Partners

    We will be true business partners for our retailers and brands to maximise their opportunity to interact with customers

  • People

    We will be the place for talent to thrive

  • Investors

    We will deliver long term sustainable returns through economic cycles

We are a responsible sustainable business

  • Community

    Designing and operating Westfield Living Centres that are considered valued social infrastructure and an integral part of our customers' lives

  • Environment

    Net Zero Emissions by 2030

  • People

    Creating a safe, healthy, diverse and inclusive workplace where talent thrives

  • Economic Performance

    Reducing our risk and creating sustainable long-term value

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